Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twenty two & twenty three: Helsinki & Leningrad

As I mentioned last week, Matt was in Finland and Russia for two weeks and had the privilege of taking my camera with him. And he took some awesome photos.

Here's a sampling of about a dozen. I'll definitely continue to edit and post more of Matt's photos in the coming week(s), and then, just maybe, I'll be caught up on this whole 52 weekly blogging thing. Maybe.

(The captions are from Matt, since I have no/little idea what he photographed since I wasn't there. Such a shame!)

Uspenski Cathedral, an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral, also called St. Nicholas' Church, a Lutheran cathedral.

A store front on Market Square, Helsinki.

A Mini Cooper just kicking it on Market Square, Helsinki.

This is one of my favorites thus far. It's a perfect photo of a typical European city street.

A statue of a bearded dude at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Artist unknown.

Matt's really into beards. I wasn't surprised to find many photos of sculpted bearded dudes from the Hermitage.

More great statuary at the Hermitage.

In Soviet Russia, hotel stays with you. Actually I think this is an apartment block, but it was just adjacent to our hotel.

Escalators down into the St. Petersburg Metro, which apparently are the deepest in the world. And they call it a mine...

Vladimirskaya church, St. Petersburg

I'm not sure if this building has a name, but this is along Nevsky Prospekt, the main drag in St. Petersburg. For any interested, the sign transliterates as "Kompaniya Zinger".

Inside Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

Statues on top of the Hermitage. Everything in St. Petersburg had statues.

Carvings outside St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. The beard reminds me of those little sea creatures that burrow into the sand after a wave retreats.

    Great pictures, Matt. Especially the Corinthian column, the Mini and the apartment building.