Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twenty two & twenty three: Helsinki & Leningrad

As I mentioned last week, Matt was in Finland and Russia for two weeks and had the privilege of taking my camera with him. And he took some awesome photos.

Here's a sampling of about a dozen. I'll definitely continue to edit and post more of Matt's photos in the coming week(s), and then, just maybe, I'll be caught up on this whole 52 weekly blogging thing. Maybe.

(The captions are from Matt, since I have no/little idea what he photographed since I wasn't there. Such a shame!)

Uspenski Cathedral, an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki.

Helsinki Cathedral, also called St. Nicholas' Church, a Lutheran cathedral.

A store front on Market Square, Helsinki.

A Mini Cooper just kicking it on Market Square, Helsinki.

This is one of my favorites thus far. It's a perfect photo of a typical European city street.

A statue of a bearded dude at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Artist unknown.

Matt's really into beards. I wasn't surprised to find many photos of sculpted bearded dudes from the Hermitage.

More great statuary at the Hermitage.

In Soviet Russia, hotel stays with you. Actually I think this is an apartment block, but it was just adjacent to our hotel.

Escalators down into the St. Petersburg Metro, which apparently are the deepest in the world. And they call it a mine...

Vladimirskaya church, St. Petersburg

I'm not sure if this building has a name, but this is along Nevsky Prospekt, the main drag in St. Petersburg. For any interested, the sign transliterates as "Kompaniya Zinger".

Inside Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

Statues on top of the Hermitage. Everything in St. Petersburg had statues.

Carvings outside St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Twenty one: Windmills

I apologize for completely falling off the wagon for the the past few weeks. The combination of life craziness, my camera being in Russia, and old fashioned laziness are all to blame.

Week twenty basically just didn't happen, which is my own stupid fault. Our anniversary was July 22nd, and Matt surprised me by coming home that day (best anniversary present ever), but then had to leave again for 2 weeks 3 days later. With my camera. Matt had the opportunity to spend a week in Finland and another week in Russia, and he rightly convinced me to allow my camera to leave my side for those 2 weeks so that he could capture his trip in all its glory. I will be going through his photos this week and begin posting them this weekend. Stay tuned!

Oh, and here's an obligatory wedding shot to commemorate our 3 year anniversary. :)

Last weekend while Matt was gone, I was able to fly up to Lubbock to see my sister and her family. Hooray for sister time! And my best brother-in-law let me borrow his DSLR, which is a better camera than my own. Did I mention that I've been looking at new camera bodies lately? And wishing I could just blow a grand on a new one?

We went out to a big windmill farm/museum in Lubbock for a perfect photographic opportunity on a gorgeous hot day. (My BIL knows me oh too well.)

I love it when the sky is covered in fluffy, cotton-like clouds when I photograph. It's such a perfect backdrop, especially for such rustic subjects.

The interior of the farm was dark, but I managed a few shots and thoroughly enjoyed the better image quality of the D5000 in low light situations.

The windmills made for such a wonderful photo subject, and a huge shout out goes to my BIL for letting me use his nicer camera and taking me here!

And this last shot is my favorite.

Stay tuned for pictures from Matt's trip to Russia/Finland, and this week, I will also be posting some more photos from Japan!