Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Seventeen: 4th of July

I apologize for the lateness (once again) of last week's post! I kind of cheated and took all my photos on Monday, July 4th, since, you know, it was July 4th! I unfortunately still haven't made my way through all of my photos, most of which are of fireworks. But don't worry. They are awesome. Photographing fireworks for the first time was amazing!

Earlier in the day, however, I went to my friend Jan's house where she hosted a good ole fashioned barbecue. Good food and times were had by all.

And because she's Canadian, she had to remind us all. :)

And her little boy is super cute and such a ham. He was loving his watermelon.

And here are a couple of firework photos I have edited thus far and found inspiring. Check back tomorrow for a whole lot more!

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  1. Fun! That watermelon looks tasty. Can't wait for more firework pictures :)