Monday, July 18, 2011

Nineteen: Ikea

I've came across a fun photo shoot a little while ago entitled, "If I lived at Ikea". And it occurred to me that with all the bright colors and patterns, photographing the inside of an Ikea would be a fun adventure!

I did one smart thing, and that was going late on Saturday night. Two years ago when Matt & I were about to purchase our town home, we spent many weekend nights at Ikea looking for furniture/inspiration. We discovered that going late on Saturday (or Friday) nights was the best time to avoid the hoards of Ikea weekend shoppers.

Speaking of Ikea inspiration, I took a very similar picture to this one two years ago that gave us the idea for the colors we used for our downstairs' walls.

I must say that I was proud of myself for not buying a single thing. I had a few moments of weakness in the kitchen gadget area, but I succeeded in reasoning with myself that, no, I do not need another whisk.

I always like to look at the filler books on the shelves in the fake living rooms. Ikea sends us their furniture AND their literature!

I loved trying to find interesting patterns amongst all of the merchandise, which Ikea displays quite naturally.

While we already own a lot of Ikea stuff, I can't help but want more, especially their kitchens. If money was no object, I'd basically let Ikea come, tear down my kitchen, and rebuild it Swedish-style. Until then...I'll continue to wander Ikea on the weekend nights...


  1. I don't need to make a trip to Ikea....I don't need to make a trip to Ikea....I don't....

    Great pictures! I love the wine holder one.

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  3. Love these. I can almost feel the texture.