Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fourteen Redux: More temples in Kyoto

Remember my last Kyoto post when I pretty much posted only photos from Nanzen-ji? Well, I left some out. We went into another temple on the grounds, and I was able to shoot the beautiful gardens.

Zen gardens are beautiful and so peaceful.

And that was really our last stop at Nanzen-ji. Oh, this complex was truly a wonder and one of the most lovely spots we found in all of Kyoto.

After an amazing lunch at a quaint, little noodle house (which I sadly have no photographs of), we headed up to the Tetsugaku-no-Michi, (or the Path of Philosophy) for a beautiful, tree-lined walk to our next to stops.

First, we stopped at Honen-in, a small temple site seemingly hidden in the trees. (I believe Matt took this photo, although I'm not 100% sure.)

We were greeted by this guy as we walked up the stairs to the site.

The trees and all the green was lovely, and there were more grounds workers meticulously keeping this place beautiful and a little wild.

Our next stop was a major tourist site: Ginkaku-ji temple, also known as the Silver Pavilion. We walked up a long, narrow road full of shops and packed with Japanese school kids. At everyone major site we visited in Kyoto, we encountered the same site: tons of Japanese school children, all in uniform, all seemingly unchaperoned, visiting the temples.

As we walked up this road, one of these groups of school kids stopped us and asked if we were American. They then proceeded to tell us that they were visiting from Tokyo, and that they needed to take a photo with an American. How could we not oblige? Especially when they let me snap a few shots of them after.

The Silver Pavilion was alright. We didn't find this building particularly spectacular. In fact, this one of only three photos I took it.

What was more beautiful and interesting was the surrounding bamboo forest inside the temple grounds.

Our last stop of the day was the must-see sight in Kyoto, one who's photograph rotates on my MacBook as a stock background photo: Kinkaku-ji, better know as the Golden Pavilion. (Photo by Matt)

We actually struggled to photograph this building properly, probably because we've seen so many photos that look exactly like the one on the Wikipedia page. Also, our inspiration level fell when we read in our guidebook that the original building burned down in the 50s. Boo. (See the original building here - isn't it beautiful? And perhaps not as gaudy?)

But we still photographed it from an many angles as we could. (The first photo is Matt's creation.)

And lastly, I have to throw in this guy. He sat atop another building on the complex.

And thus ends our fourth day in Kyoto. One more day to go!

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  1. I think I'm a fan of the new one :) I love your pictures of it!