Monday, May 23, 2011

Eleven: The Houston Temple

I found myself waking up to a Saturday morning with zero plans. With Matt gone, I find that when I don't keep myself occupied, the loneliness sets in hard and fast. I wanted to have a productive day, so I had decided that if plans did not arise, taking a much needed trip up to the Houston Temple would be a marvelous way to spend the afternoon.

I grabbed my camera as I was walking out the door, thinking this would be the perfect photo opportunity for this week.

I particularly loved this shot with the fountain and an airplane passing by. I didn't even notice it fly by as I clicked the shutter.

The details in the architecture of temples is always a feature that grabs my attention.

And of course the flowers. Temple grounds are always filled with color and beauty. It's a wonderful addition.

That afternoon was so lovely, and it made me happy being here once again. It had been far too long since I had come.

And mostly, it was good to feel at home, to feel like I belong here.


  1. These are beautiful Nama. You are just so so talented.

  2. All beautiful! The airplane/fountain one is cool!!