Monday, April 18, 2011

Six: Mom & Pop

One of the few charms of living in the inner city of Houston is the old, random beauty you can find by simply driving around the more aged parts of the city. The area around Rice University is one of these lovely spots where the city's lack of zoning really shows off its brillance. The neighborhood is filled with 100 year old homes, some of them residencies, some of them little "Mom & Pop" shops, all right next to each other.

The cute level is incredible.

There is one particular street where the businesses outnumber the homes, and I found it to be this week's (or last...yes, I'm posting late again!) perfect subject.

Walking along this street felt like going back in time. Each of these little shops, which included law firms, consignment shops, dentist offices, and jewelry stores, seemed as though they had been there for decades and had remained unchanged.

While I definitely do not love Houston and can't wait to leave, it's times like these when I realize that I will certain parts of this city and their old charm & beauty.

And some of this beauty I've only been able to truly appreciate after the fact through photographs. Seriously, one might ask, what's not to love?

Where else can you find an old pharmacy with ancient apothecaric bottles lining the windows?

And this is the part where, in my heart of hearts, I admit how much I do love what this city has to offer me at times. I still don't have an undying, all-encompassing love for this city, but it has its moments. And those are definitely moments that I will miss when we leave.

And one last set of photographs from this week...while I was wondering up and down this cute street, a manager of a restaurant noticed what I was doing and struck up a conversation with me about photography. He then invited me into the restaurant to photograph the awesome Edison light bulbs that hang from the ceilings of this particular old house. Opportunity taken.


  1. Really well done. That's probably my favorite part of Houston.

    It's funny that you took the shot of the Drs. Van Wort sign. My wife's aunt is one of the dentists there. I'll have to let her know that you like her sign.

  2. Love it! Love the light bulb ones and that pretty iron window stuff.