Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seven: Sculpture Garden

(This post is up incredibly late this week. I apologize! Things have been super busy around here. Enjoy last week's post!)

We live close to the Houston Museum District, which is fabulous. There are several museums, most within walking distance, and we've seen some amazing exhibits since we've moved here, including the actual Lucy. I think I nearly cried from happiness that day.

I had the idea to wander the museum district and photograph the exterior of all of the museums. After all, while they hold incredible treasures inside, they're all beautiful buildings on the outside. As I started wandering around an area that I thought I was very familiar with, I came to the realization that I didn't know what was behind a huge wall on a particular corner across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts. I walked all the way around it trying to figure out if I could even get in, and, lo and behold, I discovered a beautiful, hidden sculpture garden.

How have I missed this for nearly 3 years?! I was shocked, and as I started wandering around with my camera, I had a brilliant idea to save the museum district series of photos for a later date. This week, it's all about the sculpture garden.

I've mentioned before how much I love sculpture as an art medium. It's always been my favorite, and I find myself always being drawn to study the intricate details of the figures and wonder how one could carve a material as hard as marble into beautiful, fluid, organic shapes as if the resulting subject had been naturally born out of the marble. I could have stayed all night at this sculpture garden, studying all of the details and emotion in each piece the artists created.

I was incredibly happy to find a Rodin sculpture in this garden. I love how rough cut his work is. There's a feeling of movement and emotion you get from his pieces. He style reminds me a lot of Rembrandt.

And for now, I'll leave my commentary behind and let these photos of works of art speak for themselves.

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  1. That place is awesome for a cheap date :)

    As always, Amanda, beautiful pictures.