Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two: The Rodeo

Yesterday, Matt & I & some friends went to the Houston Rodeo & Livestock...thing. We weren't actually interested in any of the music or rodeo shows, and we found that we had plenty to do just wandering both the carnival and livestock section of the Rodeo!

I found the ferris wheels a pleasure to photograph against the clear blue sky. Although, I didn't particularly want to get on one. I'm quite the wuss when it comes to most carnival rides. I'd rather photograph them.

We did, however, spend the money to take a ride on the ever classic carnival ride, the bumper cars. Because we all rode at once, I couldn't take any photos while we rode, which was too bad! I think we all seriously felt like kids again chasing each other around in magnetic cars for a few minutes.

While we were checking out some of the carnival games, Matt noticed one game that was giving away light-saber-esque "swords". It was a fairly easy game, so he paid the $5 to attempt to win one.

Look familiar? Pretty simple game. Matt immediately caught one of the fish and won his fake light saber.

More games were played and fair food was eaten. One of our party tried to tackle the classic turkey leg.

Mr. Turkey Leg also wanted his own light saber and was successful in winning one for himself. I couldn't help but photograph the cuteness that was two grown men wandering the carnival with their prized light sabers.

And lastly, the prize-winning animals. Or, well, I'm not sure if they all won, but they were all definitely cute. Bovine:


Swine (photo by Matt):

Chick (newly hatched!):

And the poor turkeys, who had to stare at pictures of their probable future all day:

We had a ton of fun with our friends at the Rodeo. And in case you were wondering, both deep fried snickers and oreos are delicious. And probably heart-attack inducing. But still delicious.

And perhaps one of these days, I'll pluck up the courage to ride one of these things.


  1. Yeah, that blue sky is incredible. Very cool, Nama.

  2. Oh my gosh, those poor turkeys!!! That is hilarious!

  3. The piggy pic might be my favorite. Good job, Matt. And the first ferris wheel is a very close second.