Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project 52 Begin

It's true. I'm embarking on a new photo challenge for the next year. I was going to begin immediately after my photo-a-day challenge ended at the beginning of the month, but I apparently needed a break. But now, this photo project is on!

Nama's Project 52

For the next year (52 weeks), I will be taking a series of photos at some point during the week, and then on Sunday night, I will be posting these photos along with the story behind them and my experiences.

My goals are varied for this year's project. I want to explore the art of photojournalism as much as I can, taking photos that tell a story and evoke emotion through the subjects and their stories. I've been quite moved by many photojournalistic series I've come across that weave intricate and beautiful stories within a series of photos. This type of photography truly speaks to my soul, and I so want to break out and give this a shot in whatever way I can.

Another goal I have is to simply get out of my photographic comfort zone. I tend to photograph the same places, people, and things, because that's what I've become comfortable with. I need to break out of that. And this is a way to push me beyond that bubble I've inadvertently created around my photography. I will strive each week to photograph "new" places, people I do not know, and things that I haven't even begun to explore.

I hope this goes as well for me this year as this last year did! I'm quite excited to continue building my photographic skills with new goals and a new outlook. Please still come and support me through this new challenge! And come back every Sunday night, starting tomorrow night, for my weekly series of photos.


  1. I look forward to enjoying the pictures from your new project!