Thursday, March 31, 2011

A 5K & a photo shoot (with dogs!)

Another mid-week post, another photo of yours truly (with my new glasses):

In other news, remember last year when I started this whole running thing and ran my first 5K?

Well, this Saturday, I'll be running the same 5K again. Do you know how wonderful it feels as a runner when a 5K is your minimum running standard? Last year, I was still struggling so much just to complete a 3.1 mile run. And now, having completed two half marathons already this year, it feels fantastic to only be "competing" in 5K. Seriously. It's like a nice, brisk jog as opposed to a drawn out and painful mental and physical battle where your goal is to not die and just finish this damn race...

That's pretty much how running a half marathon feels. (At least to me.)

I'm seriously excited to be back where I was last year with tons more training under my belt. (And new running shoes!)I'm hoping to demolish my time from last year and run my little heart out on the "anniversary" of my first real race as a runner.

And now, some more photos. I did several photos shoots last year and didn't really have the time to share them. Here are some of my favorites from a shoot I did for a good friend. Her and her husband had just received terrible news that their dog Duke had cancer and wouldn't survive much longer. She realized that they didn't have any family pictures of them and their dogs, so we spent an afternoon photographing everyone together.

Duke is the dog in the foreground. He had such beautiful brown fur.

Duke & Spike were such good buddies.

This was my favorite shot of the day.

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  1. Your new glasses are tres chic, Amanda!

    My goal for tomorrow is to not look like a complete moron while running...I shuddered looking at last year's pictures. But we're gonna smoke our times from last year regardless :)

    I loved seeing more of Duke's photo shoot! You got some great pictures. (And, Kelsy, I wish I could pull off your hair style. It would make living in Houston so much more tolerable.)