Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February: A month to look back

I can hardly believe that my little photography project is nearly complete. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was still trying to figure out how to take photos with my new DSLR camera and not feeling all that confident in my abilities. Nearly a year later, I can honestly say that both my technical and artistic skills have improved dramatically, and while I'm still learning new things all the time (and hopefully will continue to!), I think my initial goals of improving upon my amateur skills have been greatly met.

First, I'd like to take a look back at this past month. I've been absolutely flattered by everyone's positive response to my self portraits. It's been a difficult, yet revealing month for me.

I quickly discovered how it's technically a lot more challenging to take photos of yourself. I frequently would see the finished photograph in my head, but because I was not behind the camera watching the photo being made, it would take me quite a long time (photographically speaking) to get the photograph I had in my head.

While I'm beyond excited to get back behind the camera and no longer be its subject, I did grow to enjoy taking self portraits. I think this month more than others really got my creative juices flowing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the energy, experience, and end products. And...perhaps I've gotten more comfortable being in front of the camera.

And now I assume everyone is wondering what's in store for my final month?

How about a retrospective!

All month long, I will be revisiting each of my themes (with the exception of my Christmas "Cheer" theme) at least twice in no particular order.




Black & White

Doors & Windows






Ten themes to revisit! I'm quite excited to do this and say goodbye to this wonderful challenge. In fact, I don't really want to stop doing this. I'm not sure what I'll decide to do at the end of the month, but I want to do something to keep me photographing. We shall see.


  1. Yes, please continue! :)

  2. I'm excited to see what you have in store for us! Did I tell you, for Christmas I got Brad a framed copy of that photo? It was his favorite gift :)