Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Scottish Christmas: A Beginning

Matt & I have spent plenty of time this Christmas season reflecting on our trip to Scotland last year. While we wish we were spending the holidays in an equally magical place this year, we're perfectly happy to be spending Christmas with our families, stuffing our faces with comfort food, and watching TV/playing Mario on the Wii all day long.

That's the Christmas we missed out on last year. And it was sorely missed.

On our drive up to Dallas today, we were contemplating where we were this time last year and realized that on the 22nd of December last year, we arrived in Glasgow, Scotland. And since I haven't posted a complete set of our photos from Scotland, I thought I'd spend part of my time this season doing just that. So for the next nine days, enjoy viewing our photo memories from Scotland.


As our plane landed in Glasgow one year ago, we watched excitedly from our tiny window and immediately noticed the snow. Not only was there snow that had already accumulated on the ground, but it was still falling.

And it continued to fall for the rest of the day.

We had hoped for a snowy Christmas, but not assured by the Scotland weather patterns we read up on that there would, in fact, be snow while we visited.

That first day, we felt like we had hit the jackpot.

Being covered in snow in Scotland three days before Christmas was probably the greatest start to our magical, holiday vacation.

Photo credit and five gold stars goes to Matt for the above photo of me. It's probably one of my favorite photos of myself. I typically make funny faces and goof around, because while I love being behind the camera, I feel unnatural and awkward having my photo taken. Is this common with photographers, I wonder?

While Glasgow was quite beautiful because of the snow, we didn't especially enjoy the sites it had to offer. We found an old church that was unfortunately closed, but Cathedral Square where it was located was lovely.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without lights, and we found that most of the Scottish cities we visited, including Glasgow, had festive lights strung across streets, on poles, and pretty much anywhere lights could go.

It added to the magic and joy of spending Christmas in an old, European city full of festive tradition.

The next day, it was onto Stirling, the perfect little Scottish town to spend Christmas!

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