Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Christmas Day in Aberdeen

We awoke on Christmas day in our warm and cozy B&B in Stirling ready for Christmas. We wasted no time and immediately exchanged gifts. Matt got me Photoshop Elements, which, as you may know, has been incredibly useful to me this year, and I got Matt...a banjo! I obviously couldn't take that with us to Scotland, so I wrapped a very small package of banjo picks for him to open on Christmas morning and then revealed to him that he had a banjo waiting at home for him. I'm...pretty much the best wife ever.

Once we had breakfast and gathered our things, we were out the door and on the road to the Eastern coast of Scotland to visit Aberdeen.

The snow slowly started to melt the further East we drove.

Once in Aberdeen, we checked into our B&B and drove into town to explore King's College.

The university is in a part of town referred to as Old Aberdeen, and we spent most of our time simply wandering the old cobblestone streets lined with Victorian buildings and homes.

We saw this cozy-looking home complete with advent candles and smoke coming from the chimneys and really wished we were spending our Christmas afternoon inside.

Below are a few more photographs of Old Aberdeen.

As we turned onto St. Machar Drive (above), we found St. Machar's Cathedral and wandered inside.

Finding this small cathedral was truly what made our Christmas day last year. The old stone church was simply breathtaking, simply decorated, and filled with warmth and cheer.

I've related this story in a previous post, but just to recount, as we entered the cathedral, we heard the sound of Christmas carols. A chapel worker was at the piano playing simple renditions as a few folks wandered into the cathedral. It was lovely and reverent.

To end our Christmas day retelling, enjoy the remaining photos of the inside of St. Machar's, and come back tomorrow for more.


  1. I happened to be looking for St.Machar's cathedral on the internet and came across your images.I just loved your wee story & photos of your christmas day in Aberdeen. I am an aberdonian and love this cathedral and archangel michael's window. I was especially touched by your description on entering the cathedral. I hope the rest of your trip was as warm and welcoming

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