Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Ruins: Melrose & Dumfries

We left Edinburgh heading south to the border region of Scotland and stopped at Melrose Abbey, which sadly lies in ruins.

We paid for an audio tour, which took us all around the Abbey and had tons of information about the Cistercian monks who inhabited it for almost 500 years.

I want to leave this post light on descriptions and let all of our photos do the talking. I'll simply say that Melrose Abbey was my favorite site in Scotland we visited. The ruins were exceptionally beautiful, especially covered in snow, and even though it made me incredibly sad to see it in ruins, this lifeless abbey still left a deep imprint inside of me.

One last note on the photo below: Supposedly, the heart of Robert the Bruce was found buried at Melrose Abbey and was then reburied in this spot with a placard.

We left Melrose and drove through a mountainous region to reach Dumfries.

And we encountered sheep along the way, including the guy below who I quickly stepped out of the car to photograph.

We stopped briefly in Dumfries and headed out to Sweetheart Abbey, which is also in ruins. Unfortunately, it was getting dark and photographs were impossible to take. This one I took of Matt was the only one that turned out.

We went back into Dumfries for the night, ate dinner at a warm, inviting pub, and slept in a B&B that was run by what we're pretty sure is an American dude who seemed to regularly wear a kilt (note: this is not normal), sounded like he got his accent from repeated viewings of Braveheart, and said "Aye!" at the end of every sentence. We imagined that he might have been the guy all the true Scotsmen down at the local pub laughed at.

Tomorrow, I will be posting the last of our photos from our final day in Scotland!

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