Monday, December 27, 2010

Glamis & St. Andrews

After a failed day of castle sight-seeing, we decided to take the risk and attempt to see one last castle. We drove down to the little village of Glamis, which had welcomed a good foot or so of snow the day/night before.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to photograph our cute little Peugeot that drove us around Scotland.

We walked to the main entrance of Glamis Castle, but couldn't tell if it was closed or not. We asked a local about its status, and he said that the castle had already closed for the season.

We were disappointed, but decided to see if we could walk up to the grounds of the castle and do a little exploring. We found a scenic walkway that was, quite literally, a winter wonderland.

Matt was incredibly happy about the freshly fallen snow.

To our luck, we noticed cars driving into the castle grounds and realized that, lo and behold, it was open! Success!

We were able to go inside for a tour, which was incredibly interesting and led by a sassy Scottish woman, but because the castle is still a private residence, photography was not allowed inside. We wandered outside the castle after the tour to take what photographs we could.

We consider Glamis Castle to be one of the highlights of our Scotland trip. It was a wonderfully warm and welcoming castle full of history and cheer.

Also, we're fairly certain that Matt lost his wedding ring on the grounds of Glamis Castle. We imagined it to be buried in the snow and only unearthed in the spring as it melted away, perhaps found by a groundskeeper thinking it was an ancient artifact.

Moving on, our ultimate destination that day was Edinburgh, but we planned for one more stop along the way: St. Andrews.

St. Andrews was a charming little Scottish town on the coast that housed two sets of ruins that we wanted to see. The first was St. Andrews Castle.

We were unable, once again, to visit the grounds as it was closed, but we walked around the stone wall and even down to the part of the coast the castle sat on. It was lovely.

We then found the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, which was also closed.

Thankfully, the ruins were so large and quite visible that we were able to take many photographs of the beautiful, moss-covered ruins.

The town of St. Andrews was quite charming, and, as we traditionally do, we wandered the streets soaking up all its charmed for a bit.

By the time we arrived in Edinburgh, it was already "late" and dark, so we have no usable photographs from that first night. But come back tomorrow for a full day of Edinburgh!

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