Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas time is here / Happiness and cheer

Can you believe nine whole months have passed since I began this little project? And that I'm still going strong?

I've seriously loved this challenge, and although there are days that I feel a bit burdened by the fact that I have to take a photo before the day is out, I still love it. I love finding new subjects to shoot, new angles, new perspectives, new pieces of art. It's been an incredible process, and looking back, I am amazed at how much my photography has improved over these past nine months. Thanks for sticking with me!

This past month has been a favorite of mine. When Matt suggested "lighting" as a theme to me a few months ago, I was very unsure about choosing it at all.

I wasn't quite sure how I would take 30 (or 31) photos that were centered on light. Of course, light is everything in photography, but I knew I'd have to be more creative to pull this one off.

And I found my way fairly quickly. I think buying a nice tripod was the best thing I've done for my technical skills of late. It has given me the opportunity to take some amazing photos this past month.

This above photo would have been impossible to take without a tripod. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself. But I take little credit. All of it goes to the one (or many) who spent the time wrapping this huge tree with lights.

And this also brings me to my theme for December:

Photo credit goes to Matt


It's Christmas time, and I couldn't be happier. I've always loved Christmas (who doesn't?) and the joy that's palpable in the air this time of year. Although, since I've been married, my love has grown.

Matt near Glamis Castle

I don't think there's anyone I know of who loves Christmas more than Matt. I've compared him to a 5-year-old before when it comes to Christmas, but I think it goes deeper than that. He is able to maintain that complete wonder and joy a small child has at Christmas time while still reveling in the spirit of the season. And I think the above photo perfectly captures this.

And as I've witnessed and taken part in this complete love of Christmas Matt possesses for a couple of years now, it's hard not to get sucked into Matt's exuberance for Christmas. And just seeing how happy he is this time of year...well, I know this sounds cheesy, but it makes me happy, too.

Decorated tree in George Square in Glasgow

Since the beginning of this photo project, I knew the month of December would be dedicated to Christmas. I didn't want to call it 'Christmas', though, because I wasn't to better express how this season feels, and not just to me, but to everyone. 'Cheer' is what I found best describes this, the most wonderful month of the year.

Christmas house in Stirling

I hope to convey this feeling of 'cheer' in all my photos this month. It might be a bit difficult in Houston, where it's not cold and snowy. It's a struggle to feel like it really is Christmas time here, but we make it work! Our townhouse is already decorated (mostly) and smells wonderful. I'll be searching for more Christmas cheer this month to photograph.

And speaking of Christmas time, yes, we did spend Christmas in Scotland last year. It was simply magical. And all of the 'cheer' photos I'm posting today (with the exception of the first two) are from last year. We're already starting to miss our time in Scotland last Christmas, and although we're very happy to be spending it with family this year, we really wish we could spend Christmas somewhere magical again.

George Square, Glasgow

Stained glass in Dunblane Cathedral

Pianist at St. Machar's Church on Christmas Day in Old Aberdeen - He was playing wonderfully reverent renditions of Christmas carols when he arrived.

Christmas tree at King's College in Old Aberdeen

Glamis Castle

Dunblane Cathedral where we attended Watchnight services on Christmas Eve

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  1. I'm so very glad you're going to be pulling Christmas out of Houston's snow-less (and sometimes cheer-less) self. I have no doubt that you'll pull it off with aplomb and look forward to feeling less depressed about being "stuck" here two Christmas' in a row :)

    Love all of the pictures. That lighted tree is amazing!