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Lighting: Anticipation

I hope everyone had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family today!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lighting: Wonderland; Last breath

I am a terrible person.

Twice now (in the same week!), I haven't posted a photo. You can pretty much just leave now. I'm...such a failure.

But, if you want to stick around, here's an outtake from earlier in the month. It's pretty.

Please forgive me?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lighting: The neon lights; Flared

Just last night, a friend was telling me how impressed he was with my commitment to this photography project and how I never missed a day!


In case you didn't notice, I didn't post a photo yesterday. And worse, I didn't even take any photos yesterday. In my defense, it...was a long day. Any day that starts with a 7:30am run of 8.27 miles qualifies as a long day where one is allowed to make mistakes, methinks. So, please forgive me, and enjoy this photo I took on Friday.

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(Warm) November Rain

I apologize for this. But...I didn't have a choice.

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Lighting: Glow

I am in love with my tripod. Seriously, why did I wait so long to buy a decent one?

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Lighting: Mossy

So I haven't gotten any feedback from you guys so far this month. What think you?

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Lighting: Orb

Lead, Kindly Light

Can you believe it's November already? October was an incredibly busy month for me, but oh did I enjoy a month of macro.

I think macro is my photography medium of choice. I love seeing the world up close.

To me, the world of macro is, itself, a different world from the one we see with our naked eyes. It's another dimension, full of so much life and color.

I have immensely enjoyed shooting this world this month and am a bit sad to move on.

But move on, I must. Because that's what I set up to do nearly 8 months ago (can you believe it?!).

For the month of November, I also want to explore a more technical area of photography:


The photo above may seem familiar. It's actually a shot similar to "Street view" that I took the same day. While I loved the vivid green of the leaf, I thought the black & white treatment punched the texture in the photo up quite a bit. This was another shot of the same leaf that I kept green. And I post this to demonstrate what I mean by "lighting".

Lighting is obviously everything in photography. You cannot have a photograph without light. What I want to experiment with/explore this month is using light in creative ways. I loved how the sunlight was streaming through the chewed-out holes in this leaf, illuminating the texture of the leaf.

I took this photo last month of a friend of her little family during a photo session, and I loved how the light falling through the trees creating interesting and organic shadows on them and the building around them.

I also want to explore the realm of night shots. I purchased a sturdy and awesome tripod last week (and actually used it already for a few shots this weekend), and I'm hoping to use the longer exposure time I can now choose to have to create wonderful shots at night with little available light.

I think this month will be a lot of experimentation as I'm still not 100% certain how to pull off a month of shots based on lighting, but as I've learned over the last 8 months, the necessary creativity and understanding will come to me as I get behind the lens and simply shoot.


And now, more Scotland photos, which are also examples of this month's theme. How exciting!


Dunblane Cathedral

King's College Chapel in Old Aberdeen

St. Machar's Church in Old Aberdeen

Melrose Abby (I believe Matt took this photo.)

St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh (Photo also by Matt.)