Friday, October 01, 2010

October: Big month, small theme

October is finally here! It feels absolutely wonderful to finally be rid of Houston's nasty heat and humidity. Fall is definitely my favorite here.

With the change in seasons, of course, comes a change in themes. This last month has been one of my favorite months thus far.

I discovered that I love the freedom of being able to shoot whatever subject I want, as long it as fits the theme.

Shooting particular subjects feels restricting, and while I think it's still a good idea to challenge myself and go outside of my comfort zone, shooting within themes rather than subjects is definitely what I prefer.

Finding blue to shoot for the past month has been a beautiful experience, and not just because I was able to shoot both water and sky, but because blue, while being the cliche 'favorite' color, truly is a wonderful color.

It's a wonderful mix of boldness and subtlety, a color that can smack you in the face but at the same time, fade nicely into the background. This is probably because it's a color we see most every day by simply looking up. Blue is always surrounding us, and perhaps we miss out on it's bold beauty because of that.

What does October hold for me? Well, take a look at the photo above for a hint.


I don't think it's at all a secret that I love shooting macro images. It's probably my favorite photographic medium.

As a photographer, trying to create 'new art' from behind the lens is a process that one natural finds their way through as they follow their artistic and creative instincts. For me, I have felt most satisfied with my image-making when I am able to show the world a view we naturally don't see. Our eyes cannot zoom in as closely as a camera lens does.

The challenge I will find this month is to not fill the month with nature photos, as I did in April. Naturally, of course, shooting nature and macro go hand in hand. You'll definitely be seeing more flowers, buds, bugs, etc. this month, but my hope is to find more interesting and unexpected subjects in the macro world to shoot.

Come back tonight for more macro!

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