Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Something blue

September is here, which means a new month and a new theme! (And, hopefully, cooler temperatures...right, Houston? Haven't we suffered long enough?!)

First of all, August was quite the fun month for me.

I doubted my creative ability to find interesting patterns day and day without my photos seeming monotonous and/or boring.

I actually found August's challenge fairly easy and artistically liberating. I wrote about this feeling back in June when I did my black & white month. The freedom to simply look around me and find patterns was wonderful, and I had many days when finding the shot with an awesome pattern made my heart so happy.

So what's in store for September?


After considering both the sky/water themes that I had recently come to love, I decided to combine my love of both with my idea of using a specific color for a monthly subject! How perfect.

All of photos this month will contain the color blue, mostly as a prominent color...but I'm not making any guarantees. And I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of sky/water photos this month. My only hope is that I don't default to simply taking photos of the sky...because it's blue.

I'm excited. And you should be, too. Check back tonight for my first blue-themed photo.


How about some more Scotland photos, eh?


Winterfest at George Square in Glasgow.

Rose from a gravestone in a cemetery on the grounds of Lecropt Church.

A street in Old Aberdeen.

A view of the city from Edinburgh Castle.

The Scottish countryside near Dumfries.


  1. I've been to edinburgh castle, but not in the winter That's a gorgeous shot! Everything so properly exposed and composed. I probably would not have included enough sky. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Jon! And, to be honest, Matt might have taken that photograph in's hard to tell now that so much time has passed.

    Also, this was taken with my Canon point-and-shoot camera because my SLR had been broken by this point. :( So, a lot of work went into getting the exposure right in this photo on Photoshop.

    The more you know...

  3. I love the theme this Month. Also, I am in love with the shot of the rose from the grave-site.