Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I can make it on my own?

Remember when I used this blog for writing?

What happened to those days? Seriously, I feel like I neglect this blog in that sense. I mean, after all, it's called "Nama Writes". So deceptive, right?

I've decided to bring back the writing to this ole' blog (seriously, it's 5 1/2 years old!) and try to write an actual post (without pictures (well, let's be honest; I'll probably sneak one or two in.)) at least once a week. Are you game, readers (who have been mostly observers lately)?

I'd thought I'd use today to write a bit about my latest of habits I've slowly but surely gotten into this year and have fully succeeded at liking (not quite loving yet - I'm getting there) and actually wanting to participate in: running.

That's right, folks. I'm officially a runner. And I can actually admit this for the following reasons:

  • I have run two 5Ks, probably will be running half of a half marathon in late October, and will then be running a full (13.1 miles!) half-marathon in January of 2011. This is serious bidness.
  • I now have a growing running wardrobe, including tiny, running shorts. Trust me when I say this is purely for comfort reasons. Nobody wants to be treated to a view of my pasty white upper thighs.
  • I now log my runs to keep track of my pace and weekly milage. Last week, I ran 12.1 miles. That's, like, nearly a half marathon. I care about these things now!
  • I am pretty much sore all of the time. My muscles are tight and ache constantly, but it's something I'm quickly learning to not notice at all. It's just what happens when you run as much as I am now.
  • I feel like crap when I don't run. Seriously, my body hurts in a slothful, achey way, and I feel fat and useless. Those are the times when I think to myself, "Did I used to feel like this all of the time before I started running?"
  • I like running. It's a weird thing to feel completely spent and have your muscles screaming at you in the middle of a run and say that you "like" it, but I do. I don't love it yet, but what I do love about running is how I feel after I run. (See previous point.) My body feels healthy, alive, functional, and quite wonderful, which isn't to say that I was a fat piece of lazy lard before I started running. But I definitely haven't felt this healthy physically (and emotionally) in a long time.
Yep, I think I qualify as a bona-fide runner now.

Now, there is one huge barrier to being a runner in Houston. For about 5 - 6 months out of the year, running outside is hell, both terrible an inescapable. The heat plus the awful humidity make running outside unbearable, so much so that I have, for better or for worse, refused to run outside most of the time in the last few months.

But then, something amazing happened on Sunday. Leaving church around noon, I noticed it was definitely warm, but not oppressively so. And then miraculous things started happening. By about 2pm, I walked outside our townhome, stood there stunned, and told Matt that he had to come outside and experience this. It was...cool! It was Fall-like. It wasn't hot!

Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than it really is, but do you know what it's like to literally have absolutely no break from the heat and humidity for 5-ish months? When it finally arrives, it's completely and perfectly wonderful in an indescribable way. Matt & I just stood there on our porch, enjoying the cool air, in complete awe.

Back to running, I bring up this wondrous occasion because later that afternoon, I went for a 4 mile run (the most miles I've run so far!) with Ruth. Matt had gone for a 7 and a half mile run earlier and told me that this run would be the "best run of my life". I scoffed at him, thinking about the fact that I would be running an extra mile on top of what I usually run.

But he was right. I didn't just not feel terrible because of the lack of heat. I felt wonderful. In fact, our pace was a good minute or two better than what we normally can manage. I felt incredible, like I could do anything simple because it wasn't hot outside.

And for the first time since I signed up for the Houston half marathon, I finally had the confidence to know that I can do this, that with enough mental and physical pushing, I can pull this off! I felt amazing.

Stay tuned for more updates on my running! And feel free to give me shouts outs of encouragement.

And, what the heck. Here are a few Scotland pictures.

Trossachs National Park near Loch Lomand

Stained glass and wood carvings in Dunblane Cathedral

House in Old Aberdeen

Can I tell you how happy this picture of a wonderfully quaint house with a Christmas wreath on the door and advent candles in the windows combined with the cooler weather that's moved into Houston makes me? I can't wait for Christmas time this year.


  1. That really was an awesome, dare I say, relaxing(!) run. Amen to this post :D And here's to our future 5-miler!

  2. Yes I know what it's like to literally have absolutely no break from the heat and humidity for 5-ish months. We're still dealing with it. But there's a cold front on it's way making our temperatures a cool 89 with a low of 71!!! Yeah, it's crazy down here.