Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue: Philosopher


  1. I LOOOVE the coloring on this! I'm getting a vintage americana/rebel-without-a-cause vibe. Very cool. How'd you do it?

  2. Thanks, Meagan! I'm glad to hear that, because Matt wasn't crazy about the treatment I did on this last night. It's good to be validated. :)

    I did several things to this photo. I used a PS action I have called "Seventies" which basically makes your photo looks like one of your parent's rounded edge photos from the 70s. Pretty cool action, but it was way too much. It adds a heavy touch of red to the photo (as you can still see), so I decreased the saturation a lot and then I think I messed with the hue just slightly. Some contrast and sharpening (and exposure work - it was a fairly dark photo to begin with), and this is what I ended up with.

    Isn't he handsome?