Saturday, August 14, 2010

Patterns: Gradient

Two things about tonight's photo:

1. I discovered that I love photographing patterns on the waters' surface. Especially at sunset. The colors, the texture, the wonderful natural movements of the water caught in action. These things I love. I think I will be sharing more photos from tonight's bounty later this week.

2. Matt & I were wandering Hermann Park in the center of the concrete jungle that is Houston when I took this photo. I had nowhere to put my lens cap (since I was wearing a skirt without pockets), so I decided to gingerly set it on the railing of the bridge we were standing on, knowing I would have to be careful not to knock it into the water below.

And then...I knocked it over.

I thought retrieving it would be hopeless, so after a good mental kick in the arse for being a bit stupid, I quickly resigned myself to the fact that my lens cap was gone and was, thankfully, the least expensive part on my camera to replace. No big deal.

And then, before I knew what was happening, Matt handed me his glasses and started climbing over the bridge to try and rescue my lens cap. He heroically clung to the side of the bridge, used his foot to pick up the floating lens cap from below the bridge, and then received much applause from others watching from on and around the bridge. Thanks, Husband, for...being brave?


  1. Oh, I LOVE water shots! This one is perfect! I can never figure them out but I always want to.

    Plus, that was totally brave. There might have been a troll under that bridge (:

  2. Great story! Though the thought of toes gripping the lens cap makes me a bit nauseous...

    Great picture too!