Saturday, August 28, 2010

Patterns: Accumulation

This was one of those photos that showed itself to me in the most ordinary of places and situations.

Matt & I were at dinner at a delicious sandwich place in our neighborhood chatting (and other ordinary topics married couple discuss over dinner), when I found myself staring at my paper soda container and noticing the tiny bubbles of condensation that had formed.

And just as suddenly as I noticed them, I saw this photo in my head. I immediately whipped out my camera (which never leaves my side) while Matt looked on quizzically. I told him about the beautiful, small bubbles on the outside of my cup, but he quickly went, "Meh," because he didn't believe in my artistic ability to make the ordinary...extraordinary.

And voilĂ . Look at what I did.

But on a serious note, one of the most important things I've learned on my (almost 6 month!) photographic journey is to trust my instincts. I try to never pass up a photo opportunity when I get that feeling in my gut that one has presented itself to me (which is why I always have my camera nearby). While sometimes that doesn't pan out as well as I thought it would, I'd say, by and large, it does most of the time. And I'm ever so enthralled with that result.

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