Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been able to snap some awesome shots of a few four-legged creatues lately.

They didn't seem to be afraid of me at all. Especially this little guy.

I was photographing this concrete structure he was sitting on, and he approached me. I think he wanted to be photographed. I was probably within a foot or two of him, just shooting away.

Don't worry; he does looks like he's about to smack me or my camera in the shot above. But he just had an itch to scratch.

One evening as I wandered a park, I came across some ducks. I love ducks, if you didn't already know that.

This guy didn't mind me quacking at him and getting closer and closer to him with my camera. He just stood there, watching me.

I then found a group of ducks! They were too busy cleaning themselves to worry about the pesky photographer getting closer and closer to them.

And boy did I get closer.

But don't worry. No harm was done.

I swear their heads are hidden from the camera's view.

And lastly, I thought I'd include some of Matt's camera work in this post, too. We stopped in a little town called Braemar in the Scottish highlands, and Matt found this little guy, just sitting in the street.

I unfortunately chased him off with my quacking too soon, but he still managed to get one pretty great photo.

And finally...penguins!

Matt was fortunate enough to see some of these guys in South Africa on the Cape of Good Hope. And I think this next photo is simply stunning.

Ah, little penguin, gazing out into the sea. Thinking about life

I wish I could have met you, little guy.


  1. Those are all great critter pictures! So crisp and beautiful.

  2. So this one time on Friday I was walking through the park and I passed a pond full of herons and Canada geese and swans and ducks and stuff and a heron ATE one of the ducks! It was an adolescent-ish duck so it wasn't that big but still! Gross!

    I love ducks too (:

    And I love that last penguin picture.

  3. Wow! That last pic is awesome!