Friday, August 20, 2010


I wrote on Sunday that I have found a new love for shooting water.

The colors created by the light reflecting the waters' surface and the texture of the moving water is a joy to shoot.

These pictures really make my heart happy. I especially loved the patterns of the water in these next two photos.

They look unnatural and somehow contrived, but they are real. And beautiful.

This next photo is similar to "Gradient", which I posted on Sunday. I actually had a difficult time choosing between these two photos.

I loved the crispness of the lines on the surface of the water and the reflections dancing in the light. "Gradient" didn't have quite the same affect as this one, but I loved the how the lines slowly become smoother as they moved toward the bottom of the frame. The juxtaposition of the change in pattern is what especially spoke to me in this shot, and, with help from Matt, is ultimately why I chose that photo to post, even though I still loved the photo above for similar, but very difference reasons.

And lastly, two fountain shots taken about a half hour apart as the sun was setting. The one below captures the beautiful colors of the sunset reflected in the buildings, and because I had some light left to work with, I was able to turn the shutter speed high enough to capture the spraying water frozen in time.

Once it had gotten dark enough, I slowed down the shutter speed to try to capture the movement of both the ascending and descending water. I think I love the colors more in this photo and the use of what's left of the light in the sky and the water.

Seriously, I'm thinking about adding 'water' as a new theme for an upcoming month. That's how much joy I've had photographing water lately.

I hope you enjoyed these! Please feel free to leave comments telling me why you did. Or why you didn't. Just be sure to be more constructive with your feedback.

P.S. My post on critters the other day was incomplete! I took this photo back in June and have been waiting to share it. I actually liked the composition of this shot over the photo I ended up posting that day ("Watchtower"), but I thought turning it black & white would not have done this shot justice.

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