Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cade and the trampoline

While Matt was in South Africa about a month ago, I decided to skip town to break up the time he would be away. I flew up (yes, flew...Texas is freakin' huge...) to Lubbock where my sister and her family live. And with two little human beings to photograph, I was in heaven! Especially with my 5-year-old nephew, Cade. He LOVED the camera and would have spent hours upon hours doing whatever I told him to do for a photograph or two. Or 50.

I already posted one in this "series" of him jumping on the trampoline I called "Flying". I think that was by far the best photo I took of him outside that day. It's been over a month now (so much to catch up on...), but I knew I had to share the rest of the photographs of Cade on his trampoline.

He had a bunch of cars with him that he loved to watch fly in the air with him as he jumped.

I loved they way these next few are framed. It looks like he's just floating in the air.

These next few are what I like to call his superhero/ninja actions.

Seriously, this boy was so much fun to photograph. He had tons of energy and could literally have gone on like this for hours.

More pictures of the nephews to come soon!


  1. Awesome. He is even doing the wide-open mouth :)

    And that second shot of him without the trampoline in view, looks a bit like he's sitting on the fence.

    Great pictures. I like the faded colors.

  2. Makes me wonder how he landed each time.