Friday, May 07, 2010

Practice makes not-as-bad

Shooting people is hard.

(With a camera, of course. Do I need to make that distinction?)

It's been an interesting and difficult week for me, photographically speaking. Here's what I've learned so far:

(1) Strangers think you, the one with the camera that's pointed in their direction, are the strange one. Please step away.

(2) This wouldn't be such a big problem if I had a better lens. Does somebody want to buy me an 18-200mm lens? I'm sure some sort of gift-giving holiday is approaching to make that appropriate.

(3) What I actually want to get comfortable doing (shooting [with a camera!] people) is not being accomplished. Photographing strangers versus people who actually (a) know I'm taking their picture because (b) they want me to are two very different sets of circumstances. I want the experience and practice of the latter much much more.

Conclusion: Place an advert on my blog for willing couples, families, children, babies, yetis , etc.

Yes, you read correctly. I want to shoot you! And you! (With a camera!!) Interested? Here are the deets:

The Nama Sessions

Who? If you fall into the people category, you qualify.

When? Anytime this month, especially, but I'm very willing (and excited) to keep this offer going throughout the summer. I specifically want to photograph you this month, though, to share your beautiful self on my blog (that is, if you're comfortable with that). As far as timing goes, I'm free in the evenings & on the weekends.

Where? Anywhere! Your home, a park, downtown, etc. Whatever works for you. Obviously, it must be in the Houston area. I will be in Utah for a week in June if any old friends up there are interested. Just let me know.

How much? $30 gets you the full session and a CD of all of your edited photos. That's a steal! We can talk prints if you're interested.

Please contact me if this at all interests you or if you have any questions. You can contact me through Facebook or click on my Blogger profile where you will find an email link.

Some of you are interested, right? Right?!?

Seriously, I won't disappoint. Or, at least, I'll try not to. :)

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  1. Great pictures, Amanda. Even if you don't accomplish what you wanted with the camera, you have given me something to look forward to. Thanks!