Thursday, May 20, 2010

People: Trickling time

As several people have showed interest in exactly how I edit my photos, I thought I'd use today to post before and after photos with a basic explanation of how the before became the after.

Here's the photo I took today around 1:30pm today:

I've used this fountain before as a subject and rather like its photographability, so I've been trying (several times now) to capture somebody candidly sitting by the fountain, wasting the day away. Or something. I loved this girl's sitting position and how at ease she looked sitting in the shading of the trees, perhaps listing to the waters flow, reading an article of some kind.

I took several shots, changing up both the angle and the exposure. Ultimately, I liked this angle the best and how it captured the flowing waters of the fountain. I also loved the reflection of the tree in the lower left hand corner. Perfect.

Well, not really. The photo, as you can tell, was under exposed and rather dull looking.

Using Photoshop Elements, I increased the exposure by a little and the brightness. I also upped the contrast just slightly. I then created a sepia layer which entirely toned down the photo to a brown mess, which is why I changed the opacity of this layer to about 65% resulting in a nice brown warmth to the photo and toned down, but not completely missing, color.

But I wasn't finished there.

I used an action to both sharpen and define all of the photo's details, and then blasted it with contrast and saturation. This was the result:

I love the muted green and the details of the water that came out under enhancement. What do you think?

Was this whole explanation too much? Or too little? Or just plain boring?

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  1. It was a perfect amount of explanation. It was cool seeing the before and after. The water especially is amazing in the final product. Great picture!