Monday, May 10, 2010

People: Overseers


  1. Is this photo a little underexposed, and if so, did you do it on purpose? Because I kind of dig the effect.

    PS, please provide more commentary like this on your photos. I'd like to know how you got the shot.

  2. The exposure on this photo was fairly good at first. I did a few things to it to get this effect:

    a. upped the contrast, which darkened the exposure a bit

    b. desaturated the color

    c. placed a sepia filter over the photo, and then cranked down the opacity so that the brown, vintagey look was still there, but you could still see the desaturated color.

    And that's this photo! Thanks for the suggestion, Jon. I wonder if anyone would be interested in the post processing, and it's good to know that somebody would be! I'm always afraid that it'll be too technical and/or boring.

  3. Ah, all in post processing. So are you running a full-fledged version of Adobe Ps on your brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro, or some other post-processing product? (I'm trying not to let the jealousy come through; I'm also trying to persuade Brittany to help me get one at the end of the summer if I'm a good boy).

  4. I'd love to hear the techie stuff. And I've said this on other pictures but I really just love the muted color.

    PS. I wonder what they (the subjects) were talking

  5. Thanks, Ruth! It's good to know that others are interested. I'll definitely start doing this on occasion. I've also toyed with the idea of posting the before and after photo with an explanation of the editing in between. Too much?

    And the subjects are talking about the set up of the graduation stage that's being put together right now on campus. Although, they could be talking about golf, too...

    And Jon, I hope you can get one, too. I can help with some persuasion. :) This computer's awesome. And I have Photoshop Elements 8, a parred down version of the full Photoshop that's cheaper and pretty much does all of the same photo editing things if that's all you're interested in. I highly recommend it!

  6. I think that before and after shots would be fun from time to time. This reminds me of visiting my grandmother in Fl when I was in junior highschool