Monday, April 19, 2010

Tapping into the Eye of the Tiger

Hi, I'm Nama. And I'm officially a runner.

That's right, folks. I ran my first 5K on Saturday, making me a bonafide runner!

Ruth & I decided to really try this time around (remember my most recent failed attempt?) to become runners. So we found training programs online and signed up for the Rice 5K. Two and a half months later, we both nervously and enthusiastically showed up at 8:30 (or 8:50) for the 9am race, totally pumped and ready to go.

That's right. My running partner was number 1. She's the best.

We ran to the back of the runner's pack and awaited the start...

...and goofed off in the process. This is my "frozen in time runner's stance." I think I saw this on a piece of ancient Greek pottery once.

And we were off! The race went about as I expected: the first two miles were manageable and somewhat fun, and then that last mile was a bit difficult, especially since most of it was on concrete. Having trained mostly on gravel or treadmills, my muscles received a bit of a shock running on concrete for most of the 3.1 miles.

Oh, and here's a little kid who beat us.


Just before the last turn, we took a very short break to rest, pumped ourselves up, found something rockin' on our ipods to bring us home (thank you, Lennon/McCartney), and we sprinted (as much as we could) the last quarter mile.

Here we come!

Gee, Ruth really looks likes she's enjoying this.

I look like I'm trying to fight off the side stitch that blossomed as I sprinted to the finish...

And we finished! In 38:55! A whole minute and some change better than our goal!

I felt fantastic afterwards! Well, fantastic in the sense that (a) I got to stop running and (b) that I had accomplished an amazing goal!

Yes, it was hard. (Can you tell? Running is not pretty...) But I really did feel great after the race, and Ruth & I are totally signing up for a two more 5Ks taking place in the next month and a half.

That's right. I'm officially a runner.

And I spent most of the day yesterday wearing my 5K shirt. It makes me feel accomplished.

On a side note, all of the above pictures were taken by Matt, who came to support Ruth & me, along with my sister and her husband and Grant and the kids. I found it hilarious that Matt does the same thing I do when I'm around Lucy & Hazel with my camera...


  1. We really are awesome. And tough. And hot (except for that stupid face I'm making while crossing the finish line. Sigh.) I can't wait for the next one :D

    Matt did take some pretty good pictures. They show each girls' personality well: Hazel, poised and reflective; Lucy, messy and active. I love how beat up and sick Lucy looks in her picture. She does it to herself, people! I swear!

  2. You're amazing! I keep telling myself I want to try a 5k, but I always chicken out - or just get really, really lazy.

    Keep it up girl! And I love your photos, you are very talented.

    Can't wait to see some babies of yours on this blog ;)

  3. Way to go you guys! I am seriously impressed with your running goals, and loved seeing the pictures. Next girls night out will have to be an afternoon out to come and cheer you on...and throw water on your...and trip any little 12 year old punks trying to pass you!

  4. Way to run it! Glad you accomplished your goal.