Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Squirrel Revisited

I have a confession to make...I was very unhappy with the shot entitled "Capture" from a few days ago. I have been trying all month to capture (ha!) a squirrel on camera, but usually these guys are too fast and get spooked too easily if I come within 5 feet of them. I was happy that I was able to capture this little guy as he poked his head around the tree, but the shot ended up being too overexposed in the background and a bit underexposed in the foreground, not a good combination for good photos. I actually had to spend a reasonable amount of time in photoshop trying to correct for this, but ultimately wasn't all that happy. And then, since my shutter speed was set low due to the shadow I found myself in with the squirrel, I probably had a little shake in my hand as I snapped the photo, thus leading to a somewhat fuzzy photo.

Wow, now you're probably looking at that photo thinking, "Yeah, why did you post such a terrible photo?"

Well, first of all, it wasn't terrible. I had captured (there I go again!) a fun moment, and that's worth a lot in a photo. Also, as Matt said, it was unlike many of the photos I had posted in the past, so different is good, too! Ultimately, I posted it somewhat hesitantly, but as Matt reminded me, I don't have to post an awesome photo everyday. It was cute. And different. And that was enough.

Well, to my surprise, yesterday, I encountered another squirrel who was remarkably un-skittish and apparently wanted to have it's photo taken.

I slowly approached this guy, and to my surprise, he didn't run away! He just sat there next to the tree for a second, and then ran up the tree and posed nicely for a few more seconds.

This is the shot that I wanted last Friday, but luck didn't come my way until yesterday. I was very happy with the several good shots I took of him, but since I had just posted a squirrel picture and the month is nearly over (oh dang! I should probably decide on my next theme...), I thought it wouldn't be prudent to post another squirrel picture, even if it was much better.

I thought instead I'd take the opportunity to explain the shot from last week and share more than one photo of this poser of a squirrel. Enjoy.


  1. I used an 18-55mm Nikon lens. I was lucky to get so close to this guy! Thanks!

  2. Oh. My. Those are the cutest pictures [of squirrels] ever.