Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nature: Sun core


  1. Seriously... that looks amazing. I had to double take because lady bug is so clear it looks like it could be digitally imposed.
    I have been dying to see if you are going to do any Texas bluebonnet pics. The wildflowers are so awesome this time of year in Houston. Keep me posted if you do... I would be seriously interested in buying some black and white prints off you.

  2. L.O.V.E!!!!!!! Wow, I think this may be my favorite.

  3. Whoa- how did you capture this? So cool!

  4. You guys are so sweet! Thanks so much!

    Jan: I've posted a picture on the 1st of some bluebonnets, and I'll definitely photograph some more before the end of the month. And that ladybug is totally real! I toyed with the idea of turning him more red, but I thought it might look too fake if I did that. Also, I've been looking into setting on a shop on to sell prints...I'll let you know when I set that up!

    R: I totally submitted this one to the PW photo assignment today. :)

    Amelia: Luck, mostly, is how I got this shot. I stopped somewhere along Braeswood where they had tons of flowers in the median. I immediately saw this little guy sitting on the flower, zoomed in, and took as many shots as I could!

  5. I love how the ladybug is crawling out of the picture, like it's shy or something.