Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kitty fever

I am a cat person. Cats are better than dogs.

There. I said it.

And I can say this with confidence having lived with both species.

And you can disagree with me all you want. This is just my opinion...but it's true.

That being said, I've had a strong desire to get a cat lately. Living in a townhome and not being home most of the day, a dog is not only the wrong choice (ha!), but an impractical one, too. And that's why I think having a cat would be perfect. The maintenance level is low, but you still have an animal you can bond with emotionally at the end of the day.

Now, there are two major problems with my excellent plan: (1) Matt is a dog person and (2) is allergic to cats.

That pretty much means we'll never have a cat. Or a dog if I have any say. Perhaps we'll have to find a pet that serves as a happy medium, like a chinchilla. They are pretty dang cute.

Why do I bring this up? Because yesterday as I was out shooting, I came across a beautiful, friendly cat who was very interested in my camera. I was this close to posting one of these pictures yesterday, but the etched leaf shot, I thought, was much better compositionally. But how could I not share such awesome pictures of an incredibly noble looking orange cat.

Seriously, I really want a cat now.


  1. Agreed- cats are better. You just get a cat- and you can keep him at our house, and you can come over whenever you want to play ;)

  2. We have both dogs and cats, and the nice thing about a cat is you can snuggle with it in your bed. A German Shepherd is a little too big! (We snuggle with him on the floor). Anyway, we have a beautiful orange kitty too, and you're welcome to come visit him anytime! :-)

  3. If by "you can bond with [it] emotionally" you mean "it's cold and aloof and is only happy when it thinks it's better than you", then, well, that explains a lot of things!

  4. I love the ORANGE in his eyes!! WOW great shots!

  5. Great pictures. While appreciating the pretty kitty, I remain a dog person.

    Chinchillas are nice and soooo soft.