Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm (sort of) famous!

Last weekend, my photography class went to the zoo to practice our skills. Saturday's "Blue Lagoon" was one of the many fruits from that shoot. To give you guys an idea of how much luck I had getting that shot, I probably stood at this large aquarium full of tropical fish for a good 15 minutes or so trying to get a good shot of one of the many different fishes in the tank while small children were running around screaming "Nemo! Nemo! Nemo!!". I believe this was my one and only good shot. The rest of my photos are blurred in odd places or have bad lighting. I was extremely lucky to get that shot, so remember that it's not always the skills of a photographer but the combination of endurance and luck that sometimes gets you the shot. Thank goodness for digital photography...

I also snapped this picture while at the zoo:

I almost posted this picture for my Saturday shot-of-the-day, but since I was extremely thrilled to have gotten a great shot out of the aquarium, I posted the photo of the fish. But I loved the shot of this little guy, just chilling out on his leaf. I even thanked him for posing so awesomely for me.

Well, guess what? Somebody else liked it, too...The Pioneer Woman!

She featured this photo on her website today!! I think I screamed in my office when I saw my photo come up as I was scrolling through the others...that was awkward...but seriously, I'm beyond excited and feel so great! I've submitted photos before, but never felt like I had the chops to make the final cut, and now, I feel kind of bonafide, you know? Like my photography skills are, indeed, improving and not going unnoticed, and it feels fantastic.

Thanks again to everyone who visits this blog everyday to see my photos. I love your enthusiasm, love, and support. And not to go fishing for comments or anything, but seriously feel free to leave one! Blogger emails me my comments, so I'll see them! And love them!

Here's a few more shots from the zoo trip:


  1. Good work! What a fun picture! I like it too! I'm not Pioneer Woman, but for what it's worth... =)

  2. Freaking brilliant. If you can make me look half as good as that frog does in my wedding photos, I'll love you forever.

  3. I went to Pioneer Woman and saw your pic! That's awesome that your photo made it. Your pictures are beautiful! Do you take any of cute little red-headed girls?

  4. Very cool FROG!!! Great job!!

  5. Congratulations! I love your frog photo. Saw it on PW and thought it was one of the best! Competition's pretty stiff though, isn't it?

  6. Wow... congrats... you are on your way up... :) keep up the wonderful, great work.

  7. Thanks everyone! I feel so loved.

    Annie: Yes, your not PW, but you're Annie, and it makes me so happy that you like the photo, too!

    Jess, I think I can make you look at least as good as this frog. No guarantees, though.

    And Kim, I would love to shoot a little red headed me and we'll get some details worked out. :)