Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Formerly Boring Fountain series & a recent outtake

One of my first photography assignments for class was to capture motion utilizing a high shutter speed. I was fortunate enough to find a rather boring fountain in Wortham Park (see "Falling Fountains" and "Awesome Rock Photo") that made for great action photos.

Seriously, the water just spits out from each sprout at the same time, falls, and then a few seconds later, spits again. That was the extent of this fountain. Boring? Yes. Worthy of awesome photos that make it less boring? Indeed.

Even the fountain itself wonders why its makers made its life so boring.

At least it tries to have some fun in the process.

While boring in design, it was a rather playful fountain.

And just plain awesome to shoot.

And here's another outtake that's actually from Sunday. I was torn for many hours over which photo to post. I've discovered a love for macrophotography as I've started shooting flowers this month, and I was in love with more than one photo I took in a field (it was actually a median of a busy road...) of wild flowers. After editing and many discussions with Matt, I decided the resurrection theme of the death of the pictured flower and the birth of the bud appropriately fit the day. It was a close call, though.

Because I found this photo amazing. The swirling background, the fantastic colors of the wildflower (these colors aren't enhanced all that much), and the amazing detail of the petals and pollen filled center. It took my breath away. Both in a shockingly beautiful way and a "I took this?" way. Simply beautiful.

By the way, I don't think I give enough credit to Matt. He regularly helps me edit, choose, and name my photos. While I could probably do this without him, I'm glad he's along for the ride.


  1. That flower picture is stunning. Seriously gorgeous! The water fountain ones are really fun.

  2. I really love the water pictures, those are really cool! Looks like something from a science book.

  3. Maybe water lives in slow motion so the fountain's life is always that awesome. We just see it go fast. But water savors every millisecond. Yeah, I know I'm full of it. Just trying to stand up for water.