Thursday, April 01, 2010

April photo theme

One month down, and I only failed twice. I think I would call that a success.

But seriously, this past month has been a fantastic experience for me. My confidence as a photographer has grown tremendously, and coupled with the class I've been taking, I've come to know much more about my camera and use it to its best advantage. And your comments really make my day. I love hearing from friends that say they look forward to my post every day. I'm not in this alone after all! Seriously, you guys are wonderful. Keep it up. We have 11 months to go...

So, how did my first month go? Did you enjoy my shots? What were my high/low points? I know many of you had suggestions for me, including themes, descriptions of my photos, business ideas, etc, and I do appreciate all you guys have to say! I have a list of about 8 or 9 themes I've mostly settled on, so I'm still looking for a few more suggestions. As far as selling my photos as prints...I'm looking into this idea. I like having more money, and if people are that interested in buying prints from me, it seems like too good of a thing to pass up. Thoughts?

Now, I bet many of you are wondering what this month's theme will be...

With spring here and trees and flowers blossoming everywhere you look, a nature themed seemed quite appropriate for the month of April. I took this picture this past weekend in San Antonio where blue bonnets were a-plenty. Be expecting more flowers, trees, woodland creatures, grass, water perhaps, and many other nature themed pictures this month!

Also, thinking back to my last actual post that didn't include photos, I'm going to take Erika's suggestion and try, maybe not every day, to write a bit about my inspiration for the photo, why I chose it, and why it spoke it me. Sometimes, I think it's better and/or easier to simply post a photo and let it speak for itself, but I think letting the audience know my process, from thinking about what I want to shoot that day to posting the edited copy on my blog, would be interesting and provide more insight that you might not simply get by looking at the photo.

And another idea! I was thinking that I'd start posting some "outtakes" from the previous month, photos that, for whatever reason, didn't make the final cut. Sometimes, I just had a better picture, or it didn't fit the theme. Occasionally, I just wasn't happy with the final result of a certain shot and wasn't sure why. I'll try my best to explain how these photos didn't make it to my blog (yet!).

Here's a great example to start with. It's quite obvious why I didn't post this photo during my architectural themed month:

What? I did post a picture of a cute baby claiming it was architecture related...

Well, moving on, I spent an afternoon at Ruth's practicing indoor flash photography, and this was my favorite shot from that session. And trust me, getting a good photograph of Lucy is not by any means simple. Girl has got some serious attention issues and will not sit still for a second. But turning my camera's release mode on continuous, meaning when I hold down the shutter release button, my camera continuously takes photographs (incredible handy when you're shooting kids), I was finally able to get an adorable shot of Lucy being super cute. Success!


  1. the spot is closer to Old Spanish, not Holly Hall, sorry for the confusion.

  2. I love your new theme as I am totally into it. I also have a great spot for you which should be quite close to your house.

    I do not know if you have seen it, but on Almeda, between Old Spanish and Holly Hall, more close to Old Spanish there is a wild flower spot. Right between the two directions there are trees and wild flowers of every color . I went last weekend there and I had a blast taking photos of the flowers :), I highly recommended it to you , at least I loved it. You can find there blue bonnets, red indian paint brush and others.

    And, I think it would be great after you post a photo, to just say what made you pick that photo, or what you like about it. But I would suggest to put the words, after the photo, not before :) so people can make their own opinion and after that discover yours :). I think that would be interesting.

    Looking forward to your next shots.


    p.s. Keep up the great work :) !

  3. Great pictures! The blue bonnets are gorgeous and I love that you caught a bee on them. The zoo also has many beautiful flowers. Can't wait for all of your nature shots. I've loved the architecture ones. And I'd also enjoy hearing the thought process behind taking and editing.

    Another perfect personality shot of Lucy. I need to remember the rapid fire picture taking, it IS hard to get a decent shot of her. (Hazel just came up to me and said, "Wow, Mommy! Woocy's playing pirate!") :)