Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Photo project begin: Architecture

I mentioned in a previous post that I (a) was beginning a photography class soon and (b) wanted to start a daily photo challenge. Regarding (a), the class started last week, and I'm already enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to getting to know my camera and all of its capabilities better.

And now, onto (b). After a talk with Matt on Sunday, I decided to start on my own personal photo-a-day challenge on March 1st.


But today is March 2nd. Yes, I've already failed at my own challenge.

But it wasn't my fault. My camera battery charger was mistakenly taken to Dallas by Matt's parents when they came for the marathon in January. I was not informed of this until last week, and my wonderful mother-in-law immediately shipped it out to me. Because my battery was already low on juice, I wanted to save it for tonight and tomorrow's classes. How embarrassing would it be if my camera became useless during a hands-on photography class? Long story short, I wanted to start my project yesterday, but I wasn't sure when my charger would arrive. Thankfully, it arrived this morning! Now, my challenge can commence...

My goal: To take and post one photograph on this blog daily.
Time frame: Starting March 1, 2010 (ha!) and continuing until February 28, 2011. (Yep, that's 1 year.)
Themes/Subjects: Each month, I will choose a theme or subject that each photo must pertain to. (I'm open to suggestions!)

March 2010: Architecture

If you've seen my photographs before, it's obvious how much I love photographing architecture. I love the clean and sometimes interesting lines created by one or more buildings. Finding unique angles is the difficult part, but I love the challenge of trying to capture a facade in an interesting way.

Now, because of my charger dilemma, I will be cheating for this first post (which should for March 1st). Saturday, after some hard core 5K training at the gym, I walked around parts of Rice University for about 45 minutes completing my photography assignment from class that week. Here's one of my favorites:

Rice has a unique, yet homogeneous, style of architecture. It can be difficult to tell the buildings apart (especially when they lack signage), but on the whole, I think the architecture is quite beautiful. I have found that most buildings have an element of design that's recognizable and breaks up the repetitive nature of the campus' architecture. This photo is of the McNair Hall, which houses the business school. The intricacy of the doors' design (I assume their cast bronze?) is what struck me.


And now, a few notes:

1. As Murgs states on her "A Poem a Day in 2010" blog, seriously, don't make me do this alone. Please feel free to comment and encourage me along!
2. I haven't set the themes/subjects for the next 11 months, so please feel free to suggest one or two. I need more ideas!
3. Hopefully, the failure I've started with won't continue, and you'll be hearing from me again tonight.
4. Find daily challenges interesting? Read Murg's daily poems or view Lisa's collections. Thanks girls for the inspiration!


  1. Just make it go to March 1st of next year and then you're not out a day. I think it's an awesome idea. You can do a theme of extreme closeups one month. And then you can do one month of pictures of Erika. That's always a crowd-pleaser ;).

  2. I like the extreme close-up idea. You could also do nature or to milk more monthly themes out: trees, flowers, squirrels, etc. You could branch off from your door fetish and do windows. I can't wait to see all of your pictures!

  3. PLEEEEEASE do a texture one! My sister is doing a challenge like this and I adore her texture ones!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement!

    And Erika, if we lived in the same city, obviously I'd do a month of nothing but Erika portraits.

    Ruth: Doors! Of course! There will definitely be a month of nothing but doors.

  5. I have a suggestion for a theme, but it just might be hard to make it every day... peoples faces... as in different emotions on people faces... if you just have a 5 min break at the pavilion and you take a look at peoples passing by or just having a cup of coffee you could see you can read there worries or happiness or sadness on their faces :). . .

    And the one which I love the most for a theme would be flowers :) ... Spring is perfect for catching out flowers bloom . . . depends on what you like most :)

    I like the architecture pictures you have been posting :) Keep up the great work . . .