Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy (Post) Ann Howard Shaw day!

Have you been watching "30 Rock?" If not, you should. (Thanks, Natalie, for the inspiration!)

While a part of my former-single self loves the bitter fight against Valentine's day, I do love love. And being in love. With this guy:

Yesterday, he cleaned up our cluttered townhouse, bought me Dove dark chocolate, and made pizza for dinner.

I told him I wanted a heart shape pizza...but then I was joking. Huge chunks of sun-dried tomatoes are heart-esque enough for me.

To avoid the risk of seriously cheesing up this blog, I'll leave my Valentine blog celebration at this, brought to you by the Polaroid gadget:

Ah, love.


  1. how do you get your photo's so big? they look wonderful!

  2. Thanks, Kelsey! I host all of my photos on my Picasa web album, which provides me with html codes for all of my pictures in different sizes. I've always found blogger's "Compose" box to be terrible, so I fully write my blogs in the "Edit Html" option, which is quite easy if you don't really know any Html code. You should try it!