Friday, February 19, 2010


While visiting photography blogs today, I came across this picture from Peace & Pandemonium creator, Kiera:

My attention was caught. I sat on this page for minutes completely enraptured.

The movement. The mystery. The mirth. This photograph is almost like a dance.

Do you remember this photo? I posted it over 2 years ago and gushed over the complete harmony I felt in this Tutsi's graceful and elegant movement.

To me, both of these photos express a harmonious moment in time, a transcended connection to one's surroundings, a complete fullness joy, a moment of perfection.

Thanks, Kiera, for the burst of inspiration.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy (Post) Ann Howard Shaw day!

Have you been watching "30 Rock?" If not, you should. (Thanks, Natalie, for the inspiration!)

While a part of my former-single self loves the bitter fight against Valentine's day, I do love love. And being in love. With this guy:

Yesterday, he cleaned up our cluttered townhouse, bought me Dove dark chocolate, and made pizza for dinner.

I told him I wanted a heart shape pizza...but then I was joking. Huge chunks of sun-dried tomatoes are heart-esque enough for me.

To avoid the risk of seriously cheesing up this blog, I'll leave my Valentine blog celebration at this, brought to you by the Polaroid gadget:

Ah, love.

Friday, February 05, 2010

"[He's] got such a leg..."

Who has the heart of a champion? Oh, that would be me.

Inspired by Matt's marathonic journey and finish, I have not only started running (again), but also have signed up for a 5K! Which means I have until April to work my way up to the 3 miles AND not hate it. Ruth signed up for it, too, so I am not in this alone. I found this great "Couch to 5K" training program and have been following it for nearly 2 weeks (who knew putting all of the training on a calendar and highlighting off each workout would be so motivating?). So far, I have had fairly successful workouts, seen some progress, AND I don't hate it! (So far.) I'm actually quite excited about the prospects of maybe, just perhaps, becoming (wait for it) an actual runner. One who runs for fun. Because they like it. Can you imagine?

But, for right now, I'm just trying to make it on my own.

In other self-improvement news, I also signed up for a photography class! It starts at the end month, and I'm extremely excited to learn to use my SLR camera to its fullest extent. I'm thinking about setting up my own personal challenge of taking at least one photo a day. Murgs (the best friend) is doing a poem a day in 2010, and I have found her creativity (forced or otherwise) to be quite inspiring. I guess I'm too late to jump on the "every day of 2010" boat, but I can make up my own time frame. Perhaps a photo each day of Spring? We shall see. First, before any of this happens, my camera needs to be fixed and returned to me. I seriously miss it. I feel like I lost a metaphorical child or something when it broke. (Yes, I cried.) Hopefully, it'll be repaired and back in my hands soon. Very soon.

I really do want to share my photographic journey here and all of the fruits of it. So, for now, here's another shot from Ruth & Grant's family picture I took around Christmas.

How precious is she?