Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maybe 27 isn't so bad?

I had a fabulous birthday and no pictures to show for it.

I know, right? It's really too bad. My nice camera is in the shop getting fixed and will be all week. Boo.

Instead of a photo journey of my birthday celebrations, which lasted 2 whole days, you will instead be treated to a narrative. Excited?

Birthday day 1 (Sunday) started with Matt making me this cake. Baking is a very delicate art, but he did a fabulous job. He tried being sneaky about it the day before when I was making a grocery list, but that didn't last long. He did, however, invite some of our friends over for some cake-eating and mingling Sunday night without my knowledge. I started to suspect earlier in the day when he insisted that we have an early dinner, clean up the house, and that I change out of my pajamas. Nice. I caught on fairly quickly that something was up, so I played along until he finally said, "If you haven't caught on to what's going on yet..." It was a very nice surprise, even though I figured it out! And the cake was absolutely delicious and a hit! He exclaimed later that night that he's a true Renaissance man: marathon training, cake baking, doing science...you be the judge.

Birthday day 2 (my actual birthday) wasn't as exciting since (a) it was Monday and (b) I had to work all day. Boo. But it was still enjoyable, and I received many birthday wishes. Matt left campus early and secretly picked up some a dozen roses for me. I walked into the house to see our awesome, tall, black vase filled with red roses. How wonderful! We then left for dinner, having decided to try this cute French restaurant that's in a converted house in Rice Village. Sadly, it was closed. So we went here instead. Matt found this place a couple of months ago, and we first tried it out right before Christmas, and this place is fantastic. Not only is it extremely cute and quaint (it's also in a converted house), but the food is marvelous! It's quite authentic Italian food, which we all know I adore. We enjoyed our dinner, came home, and went to bed before 10:00. Now that's what I call a fabulous birthday!

Do you still want a picture of some kind? Well, fine. Here's a picture of a dancing elephant I took at the zoo back in September. I still haven't gotten to all of our Scotland photos...


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like a great couple of days.

  2. That cake was delish. We had fun hanging out Sunday. I'm glad your actual birthday was enjoyable :)

    PS Hurry it up with those Scotland pix.... and I hope your fancy camera comes home soon, all fixed and feeling better. I'm sure it misses you.

  3. I second the deliciousness of the Matt cake, even several days later. Plus, my mom thinks he's tops. Way to be!