Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweden and Christmas time

Our plane leaves in only a few hours for Scotland, so here's a very quick photographic trip through Sweden where we spent one of our last days.

We stayed in a little farming town called Rydeback in an actual 100 year old farm house.

And we spent the next morning wandering Helsingborg.

And here are a few more shots of Copenhagen from our last night.

And that's Denmark! (With a touch of Sweden.)

And I think I'm obligated to end on a Christmas note. Last night, we made gingerbread houses with Ruth, Grant, & the kids. Good times were had by all.

Merry Christmas!


  1. That is a very Christmas-y picture at the end. Merry Christmas! Have a super time in Scotland :)

  2. So I need to check your blog more often, because there are way too many gorgeous photos that I have missed, and too many to absorb in one sitting!

    How awesome that you guys have been able to do so much traveling - thanks for sharing your international bounty with me!

    And those are pretty impressive gingerbread houses. I've never made big ones like that. How fun.

  3. I think you might like the detective novels by Henning Mankell. Wallander is the most popular. Anyways, they take place in Southern Sweden, and nature plays a big role in them.