Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Roskilde by day

Do you want to see more of Denmark?

Then Denmark you shall have.

On our second day, we traveled by train out to a little town outside of Copenhagen called Roskilde.

It's a very charming little town that has a quaint, old character to it. It's cathedral is particularly fantastic.

I unfortunately did not manage to get an outside shot of this huge church. It was very cold and rainy most of the time we visited, which meant that I was too blasted cold (and under prepared) to take photos of the exterior.

This cathedral dates back to the 12th century and houses the tombs of 38 Danish monarchs.

Elaborate, modern, and plain tombs were found all over the cathedral, even underneath the huge altar.

This dude's legs impressed me. Well, mostly it's the color of the marble and all of the veins running through the piece.

When we walked into the church, a police choir (I don't think they were Danish...I forget now where they were from.) was performing a collection of both classical chorale pieces and modern pop songs. It was interesting.

Most of the Danish churches had white-washed interiors, which I found rather boring and stark. By the end of the trip, I had lost most of my interest in white-washed walls. This was one of the few cathedrals that not only didn't completely cover up the interior brick work with paint, but also had some colored frescoes on the sterile walls. After seeing a couple of extremely beautiful churches in Ireland that left a huge impact of me, all of the Danish cathedrals were quite the let down. Roskilde Cathedral was one of the few that I truly loved.

We had lunch at this cute cafe with a simulated fire (on a plasma TV), and once the rain started to clear, we wandered around the rest of the town.

Up on a large hill, we found a little residential area of Roskilde called St. Jorgensbjerg quarter. It was full of thatched roof houses (with satellite dishes), bright colors, and cool European cars.

Matt fell in love with many of the Peugeot and Fiats on the streets. While I'm sure many of small homes have been there for quite some time, some were modernized, but remarkably still had the very old and quaint feel the rest of the quarter had.

And I don't think I need to tell you how much I absolutely love door shots.

This won't be the last door you'll see in Denmark. I have many (too many) more.

We left Roskilde in the evening to head back to Copenhagen completely enchanted by this wonderful little town. Even though the weather was not by any means travel friendly, I still remember Roskilde quite fondly and always will.


  1. Beautiful, especially your signature door picture.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous pictures!!! I have serious travel envy and hate your guts, but am glad you guys are having such a great time! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Um... just realized these pics are from a different trip. Seriously how many times does someone get to go to Europe a year! Envy just doubled!