Friday, December 18, 2009

"The rest is silence."

Ah, Hamlet, how I love thee. Thanks so my high school senior English teacher and Kenneth Branagh, I absolutely love Hamlet. So it seemed quite fitting to visit the Danish town of Helsingor, home to Kronborg Castle, the fabled Elsinore.

We'll ignore that fact that the castle was built after the tale of Hamlet was concocted and spread widely in Denmark. I still think it was magical.

Kronborg was massive, but looked brilliant in the sun light.

The highlight was walking down into the basement of the castle to see the statue of Holger the Dane. None of my pictures turned out of him, but legend has it that he rests here beneath the castle only to awake when Denmark is in danger.

We also visited a couple of churches in town, including St. Olai's.

As well as being whitewashed, many churches in Danmark had elaborate boats hanging inside.

I think it's related to their strong viking heritage.

Also inside many Danish churches were graves and tombstones. Engraved stone slabs were found in every nook, and many were on the floor.

Those on the floor had been worn mostly away over the centuries. I, of course, loved the representation of the skull on this old grave marker.

We also visited St. Mariae's Church, which I loved.

Actual decoration on the boring white walls! I was enchanted. Even if some of them were a bit wonky.

As a short stop on our way to Sweden, Helsingor was quite splendid.

And I finally manged to get a decent shot of the Danish flag up against a brilliantly blue sky.


  1. I think the Danes lost faith in Holger Danske when they were conquered by Germany while he remained peacefully asleep. What a rip off.