Monday, December 07, 2009

P-Dubs and more snow

Saturday, my good friend Ruth & I had the momentous occasion to attend Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman/my new best friend's cook book signing!

We arrived plenty early to get our ticket and find a good spot to see PW. We were in the "pink" group, as you can see, which was about half way through at least a dozen color groups that made up the hundreds of people that showed up to meet Ree! We laughed at the labeling of our cards, since it's obviously pink. But they had so many color groups, they had to make up color names, such as "petal" and "sky."

After waiting for over 2 hours (No, we're not rabid, stalker fans. Why do you ask?), PW herself came out of the meat locker (literally) pulling up her Spanx.

She was just as charming and witty and lovely as her blog posts suggest, and she spent a few minutes answering questions from all of us, including the worst recipe she ever made. (It was a lasagna that was suppose to have 1/4 cup of parsley. She used 4 cups instead. And couldn't eat parsley for 10 years.)

After that, we (well, most of us) had the pleasure of playing the waiting game.

The market place that hosted the event had a brunch buffet that we partook of, but we still had to wait nearly 4 hours to meet the PW.

This smart girl brought knitting to pass the time. And there she was! Signing and chatting for hours.

Finally, the pink group was called, and all of us pinks lined up. And waited some more.

There she is! She's so happy and pretty!

Getting closer...

Almost there...

This is the Pioneer Woman, my new best friend. Don't mind the blurry photo and my half-smile. We were in the middle of a conversation! I wasn't ready to have my photo taken.

But seriously, she was a delight. I thanked her for my camera and said some other things, like "Hi." I was quite nervous once my turn was up! How weird. I even tried to get a picture of Ruth with the PW and was shaking so hard, the only photo I took was blurry.

Sorry, Ruth. It seems like you two are having a lively conversation and becoming BFFs! Right? (Because that's what happened.)

But seriously, we had a blast and loved meeting Ree and chatting for just a minute as she signed our books. Matt asked me when I got home that after all that time (7 hours, to be exact), was the wait worth it?

And my answer is: Heck yes! We also were lucky enough to walk away with Pioneer Woman t-shirts made especially for her book tour. They're gorgeous, and I want to wear mine everyday.

Thanks, PW for coming to Houston!

P.S. Remember how it snowed last year? Well, the weather gods must love Matt, winter weather lover, because is snowed again on Friday.

Merry Christmas to us!


  1. Wow. That is an AWFUL picture of me. It really emphasizes my flustered awkwardness at meeting her. Thanks for immortalizing it on the interwebs for me.

    That was an awesome day and I cannot believe I forgot to mention the t-shirts in my recital of the epic event! I totally wore mine as soon as I got home :)

  2. I'm wearing mine right now.

  3. Wow, 7 hours for a cookbook lady. You certainly are getting domestic. I'm surprised Matt let you out of the kitchen that long. Ha, ha, I'm glad you have a favorite t-shirt of your favorite superhero (as this lady must be).