Monday, December 14, 2009

An Odense fairy tale

After staying in Copenhagen for two nights, we traveled by train to the Fyn (the island closest to the peninsula that connects to continental Europe) to visit Odense.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from Denmark compositionally. The bright yellow, the bike, and the old torch's very Denmark.

Odense is the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson, and in the middle of the city was a preserved part of the old town and a Hans Christian Anderson museum. This was one of the highlights of the trip for the little 6 year old in me who grew up watching The Little Mermaid.

Hans Christian Anderson was described as a tall, gangly, unattractive man with a large nose. It's said that "his outward appearance attracted attention and made a clumsy, comical impression on most people." However, those who took the time to know him said he was full of wit and elegance.

I left the museum with a book of illustrated fairy tales, including "The Little Mermaid," and a drawing of "The Red Shoes," also a tragic and kind of disturbing Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Oh, how I loved Odense.

Amongst all of the oldness, we found this very modern sculpture all decked out in primary colors.

After visiting the museum, we found a little cafe to eat lunch at, and Matt ordered a true Danish meal: a smørrebrød (open face sandwich) with a full range of toppings and a raw egg in a glass.

He said this was the best meal he had in Denmark, although he did not drink/eat the raw egg.

That afternoon, it got increasing cold and wet, but we still managed to wander around town. This was the main town square where the Town Hall stood.

We ended up in a residential part of Odense with brightly colored Danish homes that had been there for 100 plus years.

With all the cold wind and rain, we finally popped into a Danish pub and warmed up with some varm cocoa, as they called it. It made for a nice evening break in the heart of Odense.

We tried to explore some more of the town, and ended up in a small cafe to have dinner before we turned in at our B&B for the night. I remember having some kind of glorified nachos with oodles of toppings here that was quite delicious. And Fanta. Matt was watching the game on the big screen...

Although, like Roskilde, the weather was quite temperamental and unfriendly, I still loved Odense. I think it's mostly the fairy tale aspect of it, but Odense was also a very quaint Danish town with a lot of old European character and charm.

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