Thursday, December 17, 2009

Å the middle of the street

We continue our Danish journey with the town of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. (The entire trip, Matt would sing, on and off, " the middle of the street!" (Or strata [That's Danish for street.]) Clever, but increasingly annoying after 8 days.

This is one of the main strøgets in Aarhus (car-free streets). Aarhus was more of a modern city, but it had a huge open air museum called Del Gamle by (The Old Town) in the middle of the city (not street).

The museum was a collection of dozens of historic buildings collected from all over Denmark, brought to this one location, and recreated into an original small Danish village from...way back then.

Water mill included. Many of the tiny shops were recreated with the original "shop" materials. This was the tailor's shop.

The cobbler's shop? Or shoe shiner's? I'm not sure.

The clockmaker. The attic of this stop was filled with clock innards and workings. I found it quite interesting and awesome.

I loved the colors and patterns of wood and brick.

They had old-fashioned walking stilts that Matt & I tried out. He was much more successful than I was. And the pictures I took of him on the stilts weren't nearly so awkward as the ones he took of me.

Yes, I know I'm awkward and lack a certain amount of coordination, but he could have tried harder to get a decent picture of me and the stilts. That's all I'm saying. Because seriously, how awesome does Matt look in this picture? Hot.

That evening, we went to see the Town Hall in Aarhus, which is an exceptionally modern building compared to the rest of the city. Apparently, it was quite the controversy when they designed and built it. While I thought it lacked some of the warmth and life of other Danish building styles, I still found its austereness and clean lines quite beautiful. And the stone work turned amazing colors in the sun.

I already posted this picture in the summer, but because I absolutely love this photo (and it's in black and white this time), I couldn't resist posting it again.

This statue was on the grounds of the Town Hall, and I initially got a kick of the position of the statue's arms and hands. Since most statues seem to be spotted with bird poop, to me, it looked like this statue was forever posed to protect itself from being crapped on. But the more I photographed it, the more I fell in love with it. There's a quiet yet graceful sense of suffering I get from this photo. And I now love it more in black and white.

I also can't mention Aarhus without sharing what was, by far, the best B&B we had the pleasure of staying at in Denmark.

A tiny, traditional and old Danish house on a cobblestone street lined with bicycles and flowerbeds.

The first house pictured is where we stayed, and it was unbelievably charming and picturesque. I cried at the thought that we only had one night in this incredibly quaint B&B. If only we could have taken it with us...

I can't help last door shot. I promise. (These were also on the street we stayed on.)

One last quick note: One our way from Ribe to Aarhus, we made a stop in Silkeborg to see Tollund Man.

I refused to travel within miles of this remarkably preserved bog mummy and not go slightly out of our way to see it. Even if the rest of the town was boring.

Hi. My name is Nama, and I like dead people. (As if you already didn't know this.)

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  1. Now, in addition to a colorful house, I want a wonky door. Awesome.