Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tour de (town)house

welcome to our home.

i love having a red door. it reminds me so much if both ireland and denmark. i don't think i can live in another place that doesn't have a red (or other brightly colored) door.

oh, and don't mind our ugly patio. it will (hopefully) soon be used to house our new bikes. (for those of you who aren't on facebook/don't ever log in to facebook, our bikes were stolen last week. with the help of craigslist, we found two better and more awesome bikes, but now we're trying to figure out what to install on our porch that we can lock our bikes to so that they will stay un-stolen.)

this is our dining area and front door area. i love this green. it's like an avacado/lime saturated green that i cannot get enough of. oh, and i'm in the middle of (trying) to secure the items i need to make stretched fabric frames for that green wall. if only ikea would have things in stock sometimes...

here's a peak into our chocolatey brown kitchen. i like to call this area where colors meet "mint chocolate chip." mmmm...

my small, but workable kitchen with all of the essentials: kitchen aid, toaster, crock pot, rolling pin, and deep fryer. and my cute green and orange apron i bought at target.

when we moved in, we bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher. and next summer (probably), we'd like to redo the cabinets and counter tops. the last occupants didn't believe in using cutting boards, thus leaving our counter tops hopelessly scratched. that plus the lovely yellowing of the formica is reason enough to replace it. and i bought those brightly colored tin canisters at ikea. i love how they match our house!

i also bought this amazing wood chopping board at ikea. i'm kind of in love with it right now.

our lovely (mostly ikea outfitted) living room. this is probably my favorite room in the house. and the colors make it feel perpetually like fall, my favorite season.

we spent a long time trying to find a rug we loved. after many stores, we finally found this creation at home depot, of all places. it's perfect in this room. also, that is a fireplace you see. every place we looked at had a fire place. in houston! where "winter" lasts about 2 weeks. we figure we could open up the windows on a particularly cool night and chill the place. then we could make practical use of our fireplace.

up the stair we our atomic room.

this yellow is called "atomic tangerine" and one cannot possibly be anything but happy in this room.

you can usually find matt in his musical corner playing bach cello suites. on both his cello and bass.

our cozy bedroom. i loved how deep and awesome the turquoise turned out.

our (mostly my) book collection, which is ever growing. i know. i have a problem. and yes, that is a buddha. it was my dad's that he got when he was in thailand, i believe. it makes a great book end.

the loo, me, and my new nikon d60. i'm more in love with that than my wood chopping board.

well, there's our home! we absolutely love it, and yes, it took me nearly 3 months to document it on film. and now, onto denmark...


  1. that's awesome!!!! I love your home and the colors you've used! hopefully you find a great solution for your bikes! maybe you guys could build a big glass/plastic box to stick them in. hahaha...

  2. I love it! The colors are AMAZING. Um... I need to know the name and brand of your dark turquoise paint... I just might coat myself in it.

  3. you know I am loving the yellow!

  4. The house looks incredible, really incredible. Except the patio, which is terrible, really terrible. Looks like it is time for a visit!

  5. Thanks for being so brutally honest Hacksaw. This is why we keep you around. And a visit should totally be on the horizon now since, you know, we have space for another human being in our place. Maybe even two!

  6. I really really really really really miss IKEA.

  7. I LOVE that you're not afraid of color!!! I found my way to your blog via Tasty, I'm a fellow Houstonian (almost in Katy).