Thursday, September 24, 2009

for the love of (processed) food

this one time, we bought a (town)house.

then, we had a house-warming party. which gave us an excuse to make spinach artichoke dip.

i found a good recipe, and matt proceeded to make it the night of the party.

unfortunately, we sadly do not own a food processor, a kitchen item i have desperately long for.

but we have a blender (every couple gets one of these when they get married, right?) which i really only use to "process" food.

matt then placed all of the spinach artichoke dip ingredients into the blender and blended. and blended some more. and then some more.

and that's when the blender started smoking.


a week later, i was making strawberry lemonade cupcakes, and needed the blender to "process" the strawberries into a puree.

and that's when it became certain that our blender was officially deceased.

matt suggested that he run to target to buy a new blender.

and then, brilliantly, he suggested we just buy a food processor. since that's all we ever use the blender for.

and i fell in love with him. all over again.

a half hour later, i had a food processor. and we've been very happy ever since.

especially when i made this for dinner the other night: red pesto penne with roasted cherry tomatoes and goat cheese.

thank you spinach artichoke dip, the best use of our now-dead blender. you went out in blazing glory.

thank you matt, for the gift of being able to actually process food.

and thank you love and olive oil for your deliciousness.


  1. Those cupcakes were delish. And mucho points to Matt! (HeeHee! I love that my old bag is hanging in the background!)

  2. Funny, I don't remember you falling in love with me again; you were too busy complaining about the non-functioning blender.

  3. You want my blender? It might be happier with you than in a storage box.

  4. hahaha...awesome. love the blue tape around the doorframe, window, etc. ;)

  5. I'm still longing for my food processor. Lucky.

  6. Yeah, I used to live with that guy. He's great. By the way, that pasta recipe looks AWESOME!