Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1,000 words...or so...

i'm moving on up in the world.

photographically speaking.

out of the point-and-shoot world and into the digital slr world.


(this is me trying to contain my glee...)

and since i know some of you are photographers, amateur or otherwise, i need some advice on what to buy. i'm looking at nikons and cannons, specifically these models:

nikon d40 & d50
cannon rebel xs & sx10is

i want to stay below $500 and since this is my first digital slr buy, i want to know what your opinion is. yes, you.

and not only is this an investment in my (our) life, but this new camera will also be gracing us with its presence on our next trip...

let the opinions/advice flow.

p.s. i have spoken previous of my love for the pioneer woman (or p-dubs, as i like to call her). it is because of her, her awesome blog, and her fun smartypants quizzes that the purchase of this new camera is possible. thanks, pw!


  1. In your price-range, Nikon is the better way to go. Canon's entry-level SLRs are not built as well as Nikon's.

  2. in that price range, I think the rebel series is the best.
    if you love Nikon, though, definitely get a Nikon. all Nikon lenses are interchangeable, which is good for eventual upgrading.

  3. I'm a Nikon girl. I've used the D50, which is pretty spectacular. And I LOVE my D80.

  4. I don't know anything. But you won a Pioneer Woman contest? That's awesome! I've entered a few, but obviously never won. Nama, you're my hero!

  5. We have a Nikon D50 and LOVE IT. We got it when we were first married. We have 3 different lenses which are great to shoot different things. It's really easy to use and with my limited knowledge I can still get great pictures. I would suggest to try and take a class on how to use your camera. They don't have them down here in the boonies, but you could probably find one by you.
    I didn't know you could win stuff from Pioneer Woman. I'm going to have to explore...
    Good luck!

  6. Thanks everyone for all of your advice! I ended up going with the Nikon D60, mostly because my budget grew by $200, so I got the next step up from the D40. It should be here on Friday!!

    Jena: This was taken in Aarhus, Denmark last May. By Matt, obviously. :)